A E' S   L I T T L E   L O V E S  This is a project we created for families with lil' ones in the NICU. We come into the hospital and capture all the little details . . . not only of your little babe but of the room and other surroundings. It's these details that parents think they will remember forever since they are spending so much time at the hospital . . . but after time the memories will fade. Having these images to look back on and to show your little babe how strong they were and how much they fought is priceless. The session is typically 20-30 minutes and the family will receive a digital download of the images with print release. There is no charge for the family.


B E R E A V E M E N T   S E S S I O N S  We are the sole photographers for a local hospital here in Cedar Rapids for their newborn bereavement sessions and have also been contacted on an individual basis for families. It is remembrance photography for parents suffering the loss of a baby. The parents receive the digital images from the session. There is no cost to the family.


D O N A T I O N S  AE also donates various gift certificates to benefits and charity events near and dear to their hearts. If you have a charity and/or organization and/or benefit that you think AE would love to be a part of, contact us!